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Article: Jun Ji Hyun’s husband Choi Jun Hyuk is doing well

Source: Korea Econ via Nate

1. [+3,022, -127] Her life seems like one without any obstacles in it at all ㅋㅋ ㅠ Her husband has always been well off but he’s also good at supporting her career too. I’m jealous.

2. [+2,664, -82] Just a family with nothing but money

3. [+2,369, -73] Her husband’s handsome too. With both parents so beautiful and handsome, their kids must have quite the looks.

4. [+222, -8] She was born with a pretty face, hit daebak with her movie, made a ton of money, is still a top star even as she ages, married to a handsome and well off man… I wonder if she has any concerns in life ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hope she’s grateful to her parents.

5. [+181, -2] Birds of a feather… Jun Ji Hyun is a top celebrity making millions while her husband is a Korea University graduate who used to work at Bank of America before leaving to run his own company.. and is now CEO. Both their sons are probably going to be super elite like their parents… the rich marry the rich.

6. [+179, -7] Jun Ji Hyun’s life definitely seems like it has never faced an obstacle. It’s probably what the top 1% looks like. Pretty, rich, handsome husband, sigh.

7. [+143, -5] It seems like both husband and wife were meant to lead comfortable lives

8. [+123, -4] I bet Jun Ji Hyun will never have to know the feeling of standing in line with a number to purchase a face mask

9. [+117, -2] I’m more jealous of that man’s life than Jun Ji Hyun’s. He was born to a wealthy family, studied abroad, worked at a foreign finance company, and is now running his family’s company after marrying a wife who is a top celebrity… And his grandmother and mother are both hanbok designers as well. His life has truly had no obstacles…

10. [+81, -3] Obviously everyone will have worries in life but… from the outside looking in, Jun Ji Hyun really looks like she has none of that.

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