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JYP’s rookie girl group BLIND PACKAGE album preview

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1. No… We need to know who they are… What is this???

2. No group name..??

3. Honestly, I’m curious and want to buy an album

4. I don’t really care about quality, but a new girl group? ITZY is still a rookie group for me

5. This is weird, most of the albums are bought by fans who love the singers, but they are selling albums without revealing who the singers are..

6. Wow JYP’s new girl group?? But I don’t even know any of the members

7. I’m curious

8. Well, you’re demanding money from fans without telling them anythingㅋㅋ This type of marketing is disgusting

9. I’m looking forward to it, but I hope there are no Chinese and Japanese members

10. Is the group name ‘Blind Package’? They are not telling me anything and they are selling it as a Blind Package…?

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