KBS official arrested by police for “rigging” Lim Young-woong’s ‘Music Bank’ broadcast points for Le Sserafim’s #1 win

Article[Exclusive] Lim Young-woong’s ‘0 point’ manipulation damage… KBS eventually arrested

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

A KBS official has been arrested by police for rigging broadcast points on ‘Music Bank’.

According to the exclusive report, the Seoul Yeongdeung-po police who received the complaint over KBS’ manipulation of Lim Young-woong’s broadcast score recently booked an official over the case. 

Earlier, police conducted internal investigations (pre-incident investigations) on the referenced KBS official and KBS submitted data to police over the broadcast score criteria used on ‘Music Bank.’

KBS was under controversy for “manipulations” after Le Sserafim suddenly received #1 on Music Bank while Lim Young-woong missed the top score due to broadcast score gap of over 5,000 points. Viewers filed petitions demanding KBS to disclose their score tally method pointing out that it’s actually a “gapjil” of the broadcaster (KBS). 

At the time, KBS stated, “The ranking counting period is from the 2nd to 8th and Lim Young-woong’s ‘Can We Meet Again’ was not broadcast on KBS TV, radio, or digital content and the ‘pop song pick’ survey of 17,000 people also showed 0% response rate for the song.”

However, Dispatch revealed, “Lim Young-woong’s song was selected and aired on a number of radio programs to include the ‘Lim Baek-cheon‘ playlist on the 4th and other KBS programs on the 7th.”

Netizen A filed a report with police stating, “This ‘0 point’ manipulation is a tragic reality and a matter of democracy and fair competition in our society. I want to plead to the National Police Agency to establish and maintain democracy and rule of law through an in-depth investigation.”

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