Kim Heechul was criticized for responding to controversy regarding his remarks on rescue dogs

Kim Heechul Instagram story

“When my dog Kibok wants attention, he puts on a ‘Shit Show’. Which means he will purposely run around and poop in front of me. He wants me to scold him like this ‘Kibok you brat how dare you poop here’. I heard there were dogs like Kibok who were shitting a lot. These people, if I pay attention to you you’ll probably just shit more.. Well, when it comes to shit, i’ll just have to clean it up right? Should I show you a wonderful article?

Previously, he came under fire for his remarks on JTBC’s new variety program ‘Travel Battle – Pet-kage’

original post: theqoo

1. I heard that dogs resemble their ownersㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess he did this because he wanted to get attention

2. Kim Heechul can’t seem to accept any criticism of himself

3. Aigoo.. Of course, malicious comments are bad, but you should know how to accept criticism when you make a mistake

4. I’ve never owned a dog so I just read articles about this controversy and didn’t comment, but Kim Heechul’s reaction was disappointing

5. You can ignore malicious comments, but I think sometimes you should learn to accept some criticism

6. People don’t change no matter how old they are

7. Would you like to compare malicious commenters to your dog without distinguishing between legitimate criticism and malicious criticism?

8. That’s the worst celebrity response I’ve ever seen in my life


10. He’s stupid and thoughtless

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