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Kim Heechul, the reason I broke up with my girlfriend… “I lost my love because of gaming”

The ninth episode of MBN’s ‘Fallen for Korea – International Couple’ that is to air on July 28, showed the daily lives of the international couple when it comes to ‘gaming.’

On this day, one international couple was seen at a small discord as the wife expressed her discomfort towards her husband, who was absorbed with playing games starting from the morning.

In this episode, the international wives talked about their honest feeling toward husbands who are addicted to gaming. The studio was in shock as the MCs revealed the cost of gaming equipment that the husbands spend on average.

In addition, Kim Hee Chul will be sharing about how he had once broken up with his girlfriend because of his love for games. In response, MC Kim Won Hee advised, “You need to quit games before getting married.” cr

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1. How old is Kim Heechul? Why does he keep making people think of Momo? Is he stupid?

2. I thought it would all be over if they broke up.. It shudders to think that this will happen until Kim Heechul has a new girlfriend

3. I think it’s better for him to refrain from mentioning his ex-girlfriend(s) as much as possible…

4. That’s why you shouldn’t date people who are on a lot of variety shows

5. He didn’t even mention Momo, so why?

6. Honestly, it’s karma… He should have behaved nicely

7. Anyone who has ever seen Kim Heechul knows that Momo is the only woman Kim Heechul has ever dated

8. He didn’t say she was Momo, doesn’t he have many girlfriends?

9. It’s his ex-girlfriend, but he’s only had a public relationship

10. I wonder if Momo is his only ex-girlfriend?

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