Knowing Bros’ ratings with Aespa as guest yesterday

Knowing Bros’ ratings yesterday

Ratings: 1.9%
The guest is Aespa

original post: theqoo

1. Viewers don’t care about idols

2. Honestly, I’m not a fan, but only SNSD, BTS, and EXO episodes were fun~ I didn’t know who Aespa was and that episode wasn’t fun

3. Knowing Bros isn’t fun these days, but the Aespa members really have no entertainment skills..

4. Knowing Bros isn’t fun, but I think the biggest reason is the change of time slot.. Don’t blame the guests

5. Just looking at the title of this post, I think it’s an idol group

6. I watched it, but it wasn’t fun

7. Knowing Bros isn’t fun. The things the members say are the same every day…

8. Only their fans watched it

9. Knowing Bros itself is boring and uninteresting..

10. Knowing Bros is so boring and the public doesn’t care about idols

What do you think?

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