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Koreans demand GD submit “nose” and “ear” hairs to police after he denies claims of “destroying evidence”

Article: “”Evidence? I don’t think so.” G-Dragon removed entire body and leg hairs…”Always shaved””

Source: E Daily

Big Bang G-Dragon has denied claims that he shaved his body hairs to destroy drug evidence.

On the 10th, reports surfaced that police attempts to collect his body hairs during investigations revealed he had shaved all body hairs except for his head and eyebrows. When asked, GD told police, “I always shave my body hairs” however police raised suspicions that he was trying to destroy evidence. 

On the same day, G-Dragon’s lawyer told Yonhap News, “He did not remove his entire body hairs and has never attempted to destroy evidence. We ask police to investigate quickly and fairly and ask the National Forensic Service to conduct a detailed analysis as quickly as possible.”

Ultimately, police collected GD’s hair and fingernails and sent them to the National Forensic Service for analysis and are awaiting results of the detailed analysis. It’s known fingernails can reveal whether someone abused drugs 5-6 months prior and detect whether they injected philophon or ecstasy. 

  1. [+1,603, -46] There’s something he trusts and believes in. 
  2. [+1,456, -39] The way he speaks is similar to Yoo Ah-in. Normal people don’t frown excessively, twist their mouths or anxiously shake their heads side-to-side when speaking. He was even cracking jokes with reporters saying he laughed with police for 4 hours.. that’s strange in itself. His thug walks and tics after his interview aren’t normal either. Contrast his behavior to Lee Sung-kyun who expressed himself sincerely even if there was no evidence, his facial expressions were normal. 
  3. [+551, -22] He’s confident because he had destroyed all the evidence. There’s something completely off about him. His behavior is unnatural and he doesn’t seem to be in his right mind, like he’s intoxicated or high. He’s just like Yoo Ah-in, unable to concentrate on one thing.
  4. [+379, -14] Then pull out your nose and ear hairs and send them to police. If he’s shaving his entire body hairs he 100% abused drugs!
  5. [+141, -3] His facial expressions aren’t of someone who’s being treated unfairly or innocent. Whether he voluntarily undergoes investigations or exams at the hospital, nothing is going to come out anymore because he erased all the evidence! His arrogant face is honestly so off-putting and makes me angry ~ He’s totally high.. that’s why he can’t keep calm or control his face. He’s enjoying this.
  6. [+104, -7] He’s an adult so it’s only fair that he takes responsibility in front of all his fans for causing a society scandal and concerns over his drug suspicions. His cringy gestures are worse than an elementary choding and his character is questionable. He may be good at music but as he’s getting older he doesn’t seem to have much experience with social life. He’s never been like this before and doesn’t usually act like this during official events? Am I the only that thinks he has a cocky way of speaking? A tic disorder? or similarly intrusive gestures? Fans should stop with their unconditional shields just because he’s popular. Don’t do drugs kids!! It isn’t my business but I feel pathetic for ever having been a fan of his.
  7. [+95, -5] He needs an education in characterㅎ
  8. [+90, -2] I was so uncomfortable and embarrassed watching his interview with reporters. There was a part of me that still believed in him but Korea has become a drug haven now.
  9. [+87, -3] Park Yoochun shaved his body hairs too when he was investigated by police. Who shaves their entire body as part of their day-to-day life?? He’s removing body hairs because he knows he took drugs.
  10. [+83, -4] Looking at him I can feel Lee Sung-kyun’s sincerity even more. 
  11. [+43, -2] Eyebrow hairs, blood, nails.. collect even more of it now. Does it make sense for a grown adult to be shaving his entire body hairs??!
  12. [+35, -1] From his terrible fashion and hair…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ how could he come out like that for official investigations? He looks like your neighborhood thug ba$tard.. exactly like Yang Hyun Sukㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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