LE SSERAFIM gets divided opinions after revealing all 6 members

LE SSERAFIM 6 members full picture

1. I miss Yunjin so much, but I can’t really support her group because of that school violence member

2. They can’t give up on Kim Garam..? I’m confident that I really like all the IZ*ONE derivative groups… Seriously, why are they doing this to me?

3. They look prettier together. There are a lot of pretty and cute female idols, so are they going to pursue luxurious and powerful concept?

4. This group looks good, but it would be better if they removed Kim Garam…

5. They’re all pretty so I want to support them, but I know I can’t support them because Kim Garam…

6. I don’t know how well they will do in the overseas market with the company’s planning and support, but I guess they won’t do well in Korea because of that school violence member

7. Just looking at the pictures, Sakura is the prettiest

8. I think they would be perfect without Sakura and Kim Garam

9. Yunjin, Kim Garam, Sakura, these three are so pretty, Kazuha’s proportions are good too, so I’m looking forward to this group

10. Yunjin and Sakura are the best members

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