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Lee Chaeyeon’s Instagram story gets deleted

“My friend is this tiny bean” and “How to learn choreography in a mirror mode. Use a real mirror.”

However, her story update got deleted by Instagram for ‘bullying and abuse’ which left Chaeyeon clueless and confused

“What..?” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I can’t believe some people reported her gesture for bullying and Instagram actually listened

2. A reason that I can’t even imagine…

3. I don’t see anything inappropriate? What’s wrong with Instagram?

4. I hope everyone who reported her Instagram story lives without thumbs and index fingers

5. ???????? What’s up?

6. Leave our Chaeyeon alone in peace

7. Don’t touch Chaeyeon, you guys are crazy

8. I feel like the entire society is playing me. It can’t be real. Why does every business listen to men who won’t really help them gain profits?

9. I wonder what the problem is. Don’t people often take such photos?

10. It’s funny how they don’t report men who did that gestures

What do you think?

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