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Article: Lee Hyori changes her mind about being child free and hopes to have children

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+209] It’s great if couples who want to be DINK stay that way until they die but… it gets to be quite a predicament when you get older and start wanting a baby even as it gets more difficult as you get older… People never want something when they can have it. It’s when you can’t have it that you suddenly want it ㅜㅜ

2. [+100] I personally won’t be having children myself but I think unni’s amazing! Good luck on the child rearing! I think it’s great that’s always looking to learn 🥰❤️

3. [+76] Just leave her be. Let her do what she wants. Don’t you feel bad for her private life to always be exposed without her consent..

4. [+45] Thoughts can always change 😍😮

5. [+2] Child rearing brings you a different range of happiness and emotions. I support her life. Fighting~~~

6. [+2] I want to see Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon with a baby. 

7. [+2] They’re rich enough, why not? It’ll be easy if they hire nannies.

8. [+1] I notice most end up wanting babies as they get too old for them. 

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