LOONA’s Chuu filed a lawsuit to suspend her exclusive contract against her agency

Loona Chuu is in conflict with her agency… Legal dispute

Chuu filed a lawsuit to suspend her exclusive contract against Blockberry Creative in December 2021

Blockberry Creative has yet to comment on the matter and the reason has not been revealed

1. If they do well in Queendom 2, they’ll gain a lot of fans… But what the hell is going on?

2. Chuu did a lot of personal activities.. I wonder how they handle their payments?

3. Chuu has more personal power than most famous idols… It’s because the group isn’t popular… She shoots a lot of commercials, her personal YouTube channel has almost 1 million subscribers, and she appears on a lot of variety shows, but it’s a shame

4. Maybe it’s because she didn’t receive the payments properly..?

5. So what about Queendom 2? Can’t she appear on this show anymore?????????

6. She worked a lot, but why didn’t they pay her?

7. Wow, even if you’re not a fan, you know that Chuu has been working hard here and there

8. That company is really weird, I feel sorry for Chuu ㅜㅜ

9. What if she wins the lawsuit and leaves the company…?

10. I feel bad for Chuu who’s been working so hard, but that company is trash

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