Melon’s reformed 12 hours chart on the 1st day

Melon’s reformed 12 hours chart on the 1st day

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1. I prefer 24Hits chart

2. No, I hate this, 24Hits is good, so why did they change it?

3. Melon seems to just want to make moneyㅋㅋㅋ

4. Although it’s hard to get into the 24Hits chart, it’s good because the chart is clean.. I don’t think I will use Melon in the future

5. BTS, Lim Young Woong and The Boyz are the beneficiaries, right?

6. It’s clear that Melon is trying to make money from the fandoms. That’s why Melon is trash

7. Why are you guys cursing at BTS? BTS also topped the 24Hits chart

8. Wow, what the hell is BTS’ Spring Day? Daebak…… Of course I’m still listening to it…… Wow

9. Melon just wants to make money without caring about the users.

10. I really hate Melon

What do you think?

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