Nam Taehyun apologizes for worrying fans with his live stream ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Nam Taehyun, drug usage + sobbing -> instability causes concerns… eventually apologizes “I’m sorry for making you worry”

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+3,645, -438] What is wrong with YG kids?

2. [+1,922, -427] Attention seeker using his emotions for sympathy

3. [+1,531, -52] Something about him is unstable…

4. [+672, -14] Isn’t the fact that he streamed himself in such a state an ask for help? He seems really mentally unstable. I hope that his family and his agency are looking after him. It’s not simply enough that he’s calmed down right now. Something worse could happen later.

5. [+642, -72] Don’t hate on him. He’s sick, do you not see it? I don’t watch much TV so I don’t know who he is but I think he should take a break from work and rest. He looks like he’s struggling.

6. [+460, -9] He needs a break… get some therapy, get medicated, spend time with people who truly love you. That’s what he needs right now. I’m not a Winner or Nam Taehyun fan but I can clearly see that what he needs the most is treatment. What an upsetting situation.

7. [+366, -13] I’m not a fan of any idol but I hope he finds strength and lives on. It may feel unbearable now but time will pass and things will seem alright. I hope he can believe in that.

8. [+351, -10] He just needs to spend a couple months to a year doing labor intensive work. It’ll help wake his brain up. I suffered from depression in my early twenties and went up to stay with my parents and helped them with farm work for a few months with my phone off. It helped me wake up and wonder why I was stressing in the first place. It helped me see that my parents sweat blood and tears to raise me, that they loved me for who I am no matter what. I’m in my late thirties now and that experience helped me mature and wake up, and I’m doing fine now.

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