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Netizen Angered As Former Female Idol Gave Up Children for Re-Marriage

A former female idol recently announced that she’s divorcing and giving up custody of her 2 children for re-marriage

Ahreum, who used to be a member of T-ARA, is sparking controversy by announcing a divorce and remarriage simultaneously
It is known that the former female dol has not completed divorce proceedings with her ex-husband, yet has already declared the intention to marry her new boyfriend.

Responding to rumors, Ahreum asserts that she did not have an affair and is not pregnant with her new boyfriend.


However, the former female idol continues to face criticism for disclosing that she gave up custody of her 2 children, who are 3 and 1, to expedite the divorce process

In particular, Korean netizens are not holding back their criticism, accusing Ahreum of abandoning her children to pursue a new fling and leaving comments such as “I’m rendered speechless”, “How can she do that to her young children”, “I feel sorry for the two kids”, “Her current marriage is a mess yet she’s already announcing another”, and “She gave birth to her 2nd child last year so when when did she meet her upcoming husband?”, among others.

Nevertheless, some still defend Ahreum’s decision, leaving comments such as
“Her husband seems like an asshole on broadcast, so it’s not a surprise” and “She can do whatever she wants”.

han ah reum
Ahreum faces severe criticism for giving up custody of her two children to expedite her divorce

han ah reum
On top of that, she has announced intention to re-marry soon

On the other hand, there were rumors that Ahreum had an affair during marriage and is even pregnant with her new boyfriend’s child. However, the former female idol quickly denied these claims, saying, “I didn’t divorce because I met someone new. I want to make it clear that I have been preparing for the divorce for a long time before meeting my current boyfriend.”

Ahreum also urged netizens to refrain from speculative comments and threatened legal action against baseless posts or malicious comments.

Ahreum married businessman Kim Young-geul in 2019 and have two sons together. In a letter, the former T-ara member publicly criticizes her ex-husband, writing, “Before meeting my current boyfriend, I had to endure deep wounds. I have evidence, but I won’t reveal it here since, he is still the father of my children. I wanted to divorce a few years ago, but he wouldn’t agree.”

In the same post, the singer also drew attention with ambiguous words, “Deception is what happens when you string two people along at the same time. I gave birth to my second child alone and suffered pain for a long time.”

What makes netizens doubtful, however, was that in July 2022, Ahreum still enthusiastically shared about her happy married life. At the time, the former female idol announced her pregnancy and said, “The second child is a treasure for us. Everything in our family has changed since the baby was born. Currently, my husband and I are very happy. We even want to have a third baby.”

han ah reum
Over a year ago, Ahreum shared about her happy married life and the upcoming arrival of her second child.

According to netizens, Ahreum was trying to deceive people with her letter, which attempts to paint her ex-husband in a negative light. Alongside this, many online users question the authenticity of Ahreum’s happy shares from last year, suggesting that it might have been a staged act to cover up a long-standing unstable marriage.

Additionally, the fact that Ahreum quickly made her new relationship public while her divorce is not finalized is sparking discussion.

han ah reum
Ahreum and businessman husband

Source: Edaily, K14, theqoo

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