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These are photos of Kendall Jenner and if you look at the left pictures and compared to her after photos, there is such a huge difference. Did she operate on her butt??

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The Kardashian family all have operated on their chest + butt as defaultㅋㅋ there are times when they denied having surgery but admitted to it alter. If you’re starting to think that something changed, chances are that they did receive procedures/surgery

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The people who never gotten any tatttoos but got surgery

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The women in the Kardashian family got a lot of work done on their bodies

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Why is it so funny to see Kendall Jenner on Nate Pann?ㅋㅋㅋ

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Do you not know about this family? It’s a house where their whole bodies have been operated on, even the Kardashian mom

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