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– I received the album too… 

– We gave them ours too… I took this while leaning it between the wall(?)

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1. [+96, -7]

Imagine doing a challenge with NewJeans in HYBE’s building in this time. You can tell that SM and aespa are NewJeans and Min Heejin’s side 

2. [+94, -3]

Winter too, even in the past, when HYBE and SM were in bad terms because of Lee Sooman, she mentioned in a Circle Chart interview that she would listen to Hype Boy from NewJeans ㅋㅋ I feel like she’s the type who doesn’t care about those stuff and stands on her ground

(The song I listen to the most!)

3. [+79, -12]

I’m a NewJeans fan and I’m so grateful for them. But I’m worried that Le Sserafim’s fans would attack Winter.. 

4. [+69, -1]

I love both groups❤️

5. [+43, -1]

Ah..I love this too much ㅎㅎ It’s nice to see both are successful 

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