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“A woman in her 60s who doesn’t envy anyone”

“She heard from her son that her husband was having an affair”

“Son: I think dad is cheating”

“I saw dad shopping with a middle age woman alone”

“Dad was holding hands with the woman and was even linking arms”

“The identity of that woman? “Daughter-in-law’s mother””

“After the son validated through the wedding picture, it was indeed the “saboo-in” ( 사부= Korean term that refers to the mother of the wife to the eldest son in a family)”

The mother is definitely going to get a divorce and wants to file a lawsuit against the adulterer (her husband).
But the daughter and son-in-law are trying to stop her.
They say the grandson was born just last year.
The son-in-law even kneeled down, crying and begging, saying he would cut ties with his own mother and asking this mother to refrain from filing the lawsuit against the father.
The husband, sensing the situation, raised his voice, telling them not to make a scene in the neighborhood and to not to file the lawsuit against the him.
Indeed, reality is sometimes more dramatic than TV dramas

1. They’re all grownups, what world are they living in… 

2. ???????

3. Crazy… Whether they file the lawsuit or not, how is that mistress going to face her own son after this? Ewww

4. … Wow…

5. If I were them, I would’ve f*cking beaten the dad up 

6. The husband is the one who cheated and he doesn’t wanna get sued because he doesn’t want the neighbors to create a scene? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ His shamelessness knows no shame 

7. Ugh this made me dizzy

8. The husband and the kids are both weird

9. Why is the daughter also trying to stop the mom?

10. Is that really her daughter?

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