Netizens are disappointed with Fromis 9’s singing skills after watching their encore stage

Fromis 9’s encore stage on The Show today

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1. They’re singing while standing but they can’t sing the high notes

2. They can’t even sing.. Who is the main vocalist here?

3. I thought Jang Gyuri could sing well, but she’s not…

4. Well, they really can’t sing

5. Oh my gosh, this is my first time seeing idols who can’t sing like this since I was born

6. I think it’s the worst encore stage I’ve ever seen. There isn’t a member who can sing well

7. They can’t sing, I don’t even know who the main vocal is

8. It’s their song, why can’t they sing it?

9. It’s the worst encore I’ve ever seen

10. Is the song too high?

11. They have nothing but pretty faces

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