Netizens are divided over Yoo Seung Ho signing contract with YG

Yoo Seung Ho signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment… Same agency as Cha Seung Won and Kang Dong Won

According to reports on the 21st, actor Yoo Seung Ho has decided to join YG Entertainment

1. Although YG is disgusting, when I see celebrities renewing contracts or signing contracts with YG, I think they treat the artists well.. I like Yoo Seung Ho, I don’t care what agency he’s under as long as he’s always a good actor

2. I don’t know, but YG’s actor lineup is so good

3. I didn’t know that YG’s actor lineup was so good;;

4. Cha Seung Won and Kang Dong Won are also under YG; Have they renewed their contracts yet?

5. I can’t see Yoo Seung Ho anymore because I’m boycotting YG.. I’m really sorry…

6. YG actors seem to have good contracts and YG treats them well. I think I understand why they chose YG

7. Wow YG, why???? I really don’t understand

8. Is YG a good agency for actors? There are many actors who renew their contracts with YG

9. Why did he go to the drugstore?

10. Why… It’s the drugstore

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