Netizens wonder why BTS only considers TXT as their only hoobae group

BTS really thinks only TXT is their hoobae group

I don’t see them mentioning other HYBE singers

[+10, -82]

1. [+153, -1] Isn’t that normal..? In the beginning, only BTS and TXT were groups in the same agency

2. [+92, -0] Of course, for real, BTS’ only hoobae in the same agency is TXT..

3. [+70, -1] In Big Hit, TXT is BTS’ only hoobae

4. [+23, -0] Because the only hoobae in the same company is TXT

5. [+21, -0] Only TXT and Lee Hyun are in the same company as BTS, the other idols are under different labels

6. [+18, -0] Lee Hyun, BTS, TXT, they’re a family

7. [+12, -0] Of course, their only hoobae under Big Hit is TXT…

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