New Jeans Danielle’s comments marking ‘Seollal’ as ‘Chinese New Year’ cause deep anger in Korea + her “nationality” catches attention

ArticleNew Jeans Danielle marks New Year’s Day as ‘Chinese New Year’…”deep reflection”

Source: Joongang Ilbo

New JeansDanielle is under controversy for calling Lunar New Year as ‘Chinese New Year.’

On the 21st, Danielle posted an apology on the group’s official IG and stated, “On Thursday the 19th, I sent a message to fans asking ‘what are bunnies doing for Chinese new year?’ I realized the mistake and deleted it right away but the message had already been delivered to many people and is irreversible. My expression was inappropriate and I’m deeply reflecting. I’m sorry. I won’t forget this incident and will try to become someone who behaves and expresses things more carefully in the future.”

Meanwhile, Danielle was revealed to be a dual citizen of Korea and Australia.

  1. [+1,307, -78] Looks like Bang Si-hyuk knew all along. That’s why he wanted to kick her from the group but Min Hee-jin was too stubborn and let her debutㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Once this group starts getting into Chinese scandals like this it’s inevitable they’re heading down the flop path.
  2. [+893, -18] Eh I thought she was a Chinese and attended school in Korea and that’s why she make a mistake like that..? .. Huh-,-;; I don’t understand how the word ‘Chinese New Year’ came out? This is quite disappointing ~
  3. [+535, -113] Even in Yangsan, there are thugs that like it when you say ‘Chinese New Year’ㅋ. 
  4. [+423, -11] Hul ~~~~ she’s not even an idol or celebrity that’s promoting in China? Who is teaching these kids? A Chinese? How can even the word ‘Chinese New Year’ come out? It’s not once or twice that this has happened either🤢??  
  5. [+242, -5] Please stick to debuting Korean-only idol groups like BTS and make them study our history ~~~~~ㅜㅜㅜ I really liked this group because they gave off good vibes but I’m turned off by them now.
  6. [+203, -4] Isn’t that weird? Any normal Korean uses ‘Seollal’.. I’ve never heard of anyone using ‘Chinese New Year’?
  7. [+140, -5] She lived in Korea for years and her mother is Korean so why.. her mother is a pure Korean right? Daebak.. this is the first time I’ve heard of a Korean using Chinese New Year.. I really liked New Jeans. It’s been a while since I became a fan of a girl group so this is really disappointing.
  8. [+136, -2] New Jeans.. Goodbye. They were a Chinese group all along.
  9. [+48, -1] Eh, what Korean calls ‘Seollal’ Chinese New Year? Are we sure she isn’t a Chinese?
  10. [+19, -0] Please check again if she has Chinese blood and roots. That’s only a term a Chinese would use if they’ve never heard of ‘Seollal.’ 
  11. [+18, -1] Stop debuting Korean-Chinese idols in our country!! They’re bringing down the quality of our Kpop!!
  12. [+17, -1] Kick her out and exile her immediately!

Additional source: Sports Chosun

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