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I love Fu princess but this one is… just fatal

“You need to lose weight or I won’t feed you!”

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That panda is physically weak and has developmental disabilities, so compared to other pandas of the same age, it’s much smaller in size and moves slowly. Other pandas can easily snatch her food because she’s physically weak so she can’t fight back… She can’t even climb treesㅠ While other pandas quickly devour tasty snacks, she slowly chews them alone. Since her panda mom was old when she gave birth to it, it didn’t receive care from its biological mother and was raised by another panda mom. It’s said that she won’t live long due to her disabilities, but every aspect of she f*cking stimulates people’s maternal instincts… No wonder she’s so popular

“She is developmentally disabled and much smaller than average, unable to climb trees and unable to fight back when other pandas take her food.”

2. [+119, 0]

She’s smaller and weaker than my peers because of her developmental disability. She’s the same age as Fu Bao, but sge still hasn’t graduated from Panda Kindergartenㅠ

3. [+66, 0]

Ha.. she’s so fluffy and f*cking cute

4. [+57, -3]

She just awakens my protective instinct and the fact that Fu Bao became a super star in a country that’s so hyper focused on looks means that she’s really a pretty panda too

5. [+52, 0]

She’s super cute but it breaks my heart that her body is so weakㅠ I hope that you stay #1 and are happyㅠ Fu Bao is kind so she’ll leave you your spot

6. [+22, 0]

She’s a f*cking round-Bao. Freaking cuteㅋㅋ

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