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To be honest, Baemon was just way too disappointing… I watched the MV and I couldn’t see anyone else but Chiquita? The rap was also severely disappointing. I wonder if YG is unable to more than this?

I’m sure that the reactions would’ve been better if they debuted these three with Ahyeon. They are the ones who have charms and look fine. Seriously… also, the center for the highlight in the 1st verse was f*cking disappointing. Seriously, why put her as the center… I’ll pretend like their debut never happened so can they please just re-debut them?..

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1. [+39, -3]

I think that putting these 4 and Ruka will be fine.. I feel like Haram just doesn’t fit the group and stands out the least but she has the most parts. Meanwhile, the three of them who had the most reactions had the least partsㅠ

2. [+21, -3]

Ruka, Rora, Chiquita and Ahyeon are the best. Pharita is pretty and has a nice voice but she has talent than I anticipated. Haram is just talented but has zero star factor.. Asa also has good skills but she doesn’t give off that celebrity vibe…

3. [+18, 0]

I honestly lost it when they said “boss baby”…

4. [+16, -4]

The rap was disappointing? I felt like they killed the rap though. Seriously, it makes me realize that people do have different ears.. I feel like Rora and Asa stood out to me

5. [+15, -1]

I personally think that it would be fine if Ahyeon, Rora, Chiquita and Asa debuted. Their visuals and skills are all fine. Of course, all of Baemon are talented but I think that these four would look good together

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