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“Choi Minhwan and Yulhee, divorce after 5 years of marriage… “we will make sure that the kids are not left with hurt””

They are getting a divorce after 5 years!!

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1. [+399, -7]

They f*cked up everything and have 3 kids, what “divorce”?

2. [+354, -35]

I saw them trying to raise their kids on broadcast and just found that they were incompatible. There are so many things that Yulhee herself didn’t get and didn’t enjoy from a young age, such as education and economic wealth. Choi Minhwan is just powerless. It feels like both of them were just trying to live their needs through their children

3. [+340, -6]

I feel like this is always how pre-marital pregnancy and getting married at an young age end up like

4. [+336, -24]

 When they came out of the consultation and realized that the education fees were 8 million won, I knew that they wouldn’t last long. They’ll need to work their butts off

5. [+289, -3]

They already exposed everything on broadcast so what are they doing?ㅋㅋ

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