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(T/N: there are a lot of reactions but they are all saying the same thing so we’ll translate a few)

(Original Tweet: Wow MAMA’s afterparty…)
QRT: I suddenly god turned off. I don’t think that there are only 1-2 idols who will fall in love and start dating. It’s a hunting bar under the pretext of an ‘afterparty’

QRT: Get rid of MAMA
This is hopeless
It’s not like you were f*cking deceiving the fans

QRT: Wow this is like them advertising the fact that they made something like that there no?

QRT: Is that a hunting party? A d*ckship party?!ㅎㅎㅎㅎ(T/N: 친목 means friendship and 좆목 = d*ckship – it basically describes a relationship that goes too far (when you’re flirting with new people or doing things that make other people uncomfortable)

QRT: This f*cking pisses me offㅋ

QRT: Is this IAC?
It’s an animal kingdom

QRT: It’s not an afterparty but a non-sense party, f*ck, seriously
– Sigh f*ck seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is living pissing me off so much..


QRT: MAMA has always done afterparties but they just stopped because of Covid. You can basically think that most of the participants of MAMA would go there. Idols used to perform in front of actors and employees, but not anymore.

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1. [+306, -10]
Why does a freaking award show like MAMA need an afterparty?

2. [+219, -5]

It’s true that they’ve always had afterparties but they’ve never shared any stories or pictures of it all this time no? Just why would they post these pictures on their official account?

3. [+201, -8]

They basically did this to have a a d*ckship no?

4. [+139, -2]

The company posted this on their official account… what’s the point?

5. [+128, -113]

People eat up pseudo-relationship so much that they are so sensitive to every little thing. Do they want their bias to be some socially-deprived dancing doll?


They are playing just fine

post response:


1. [+97, -6]

I wish that we wouldn’t copy those f*cked up culture from overseas. F*ck, why would K-pop like afterparties? Everyone will just see K-pop as a “d*ckship”

2. [+71, -2]

Whether it’s a d*ckship or not, there are already kids falling in love and dating each other even before this. They are meeting each other after music shows to film challenges just fine. they were just caught by the MAMA cameras… it’s a Korean award ceremony but they are obsessed with going overseas… I just find it so-so that they are trying so hard to copy foreigners while their scale is just like your local mom and pop shop;;;

3. [+55, -8]

The issue is not dating. I just f*cking hate looking at d*ckship. I only like the idols I like. But then people will start claiming they are in a d*ckship and I’ll have to force myself to say that they are just being friendly. Then they’ll accuse me of being a shinyeo

4. [+17, -8]

Why should other singers be an enemy? That’s such a weird mindset

5. [+5, -1]

But male-female friendship is indeed oba..

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