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“Even if it seems like a problem to other people, if it’s not a problem to me, the answer will be different.

If I were to live my life, the answer would be (based on) who I am right now. I still don’t know who will get it right yet.”

“Now that my standards are established, I am not swayed or influenced by my surroundings or other people’s situations.”

“No matter how sincere someone’s concern for you is, or how your life appears on the outside, the most important thing is that you know yourself.”

This is the content of the interview he gave today and he uploaded it

Looks like he watched this Youtuber’s video and screenshot this

This person is a fan of GD who have been refuting his allegations since the beginning

(t/n: showing they were making videos refuting the drugs allegations of GD, the one circled in yellow is the video where he took screencaps from)

Honestly those videos don’t even have that many views and he screenshot the most recent video they made for him

He probably got so moved that he had a fan who moved with him since the beginning

GD’s love for his fans is never changing

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1. [+24, -0]

In addition to that, he also posted a picture about kindness, and he said he wanted to emulate it and I think think it’s very admirable that he continued to talk about love and kindness even in situations like this where humanity could be destroyed

“As for my actions after that, I hope that the day will come as soon as possible when I can return to my original self and my original position as a singer, smiling.”

“So, I hope you spend the time to come with me with good expectations, and let’s love each other.”

2. [+23, -0]

He’s been completely stripped off from his reputation in Korea, yet he still acknowledges our country’s sensitivity towards (drugs) and is able to talk about “Let’s love” and stay kind, how is this possibleㅠㅠ

3. [+21, -0]

Kwon Jiyong also loved a lot of fans’ comments on IG and it was so touching ㅠㅠ He could’ve just simply read them, but instead liked them acted as if he said thank you, even his comment section is filled with Korean ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+21, -0]

The names of the fountain pen he posted on Instagram are Galaxy and Dante Purgatory, respectively! The motif of Kwon Jiyong’s album Divina Commedia was also Dante’s Divine Comedy, and purgatory is a stage before going to heaven. Now all that remains is to go to heaven.

4. [+21, -1]

GD suffered so much

5. [+16, -0]

GD’s love for his fans is daebak.. This is why his fans stick around even during his vacuum periods

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