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If you add Leeseo and Hong Eunchae’s ages together, you get Irene’s age

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1. [+108, -2]

And? Who cares? RV are 3rd gen and if you look at the 3rd gen male idols, there are so many of them who are older or the same age as Irene so why is Pann is obsessed with Irene’s age?

2. [+98, -1]

Who cares? Kahi debuted when she was 29 and f*cking hit big

3. [+92, -4]

Damn, but looking at the picture, it makes me realize that Irene is Irene. She’s freaking pretty

4. [+87, -21]

This just makes me realize once again that Irene is super gorgeous. Also, even if you put the other two’s looks together, you won’t even get to Irene’s level

5. [+63, -26]

Pann-girls are the only women who would cry about women’s rights and hate on Hannams while looking down on other women for their age

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