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I just saw this picture

And Karina uploaded 57 pictures while Giselle has 71 pictures

Giselle has the least amount of followers and Winter who posted the least pictures is 2ndㅜ

If I was Giselle, I wouldn’t want to post on Insta at all

(T/N: in 10K followers)

post response:


1. [+34, 0]

I feel like she doesn’t care about things like number of likes and just uploads anything she wants

2. [+27, 0]

Isn’t the most embarrassing thing to see OP’s face in the mirror?

3. [+18, 0]

Huh? Isn’t this the best for her fans? The fans would be so happy if their bias posted that many photos

4. [+15, -10]

None of them have 10M followers but you’re doing the most ㅋ it’s like comparing the heights of acorns

5. [+13, -1]

ㅋㅋ if this was you, you wouldn’t even be able to get 10,000 followers

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