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They’re seriously the hope for people who enjoy this type of music 

Only easy-listening and refreshing songs are getting treated like masterpieces but there are also a lot of popular songs that don’t fall in these categories, so this is why groups like Stray Kids and ATEEZ should be more successful. They give me songs that I like to listen to 

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Nowadays, I listen to no one else but Stray Kids

2. [+35, -3]

If you look at Stray Kids, they have a strong group identity. If you listened to their songs, you can tell that they’re made by Stray Kids. It’s not easy to have something like this. This is only possible because they produce their own albums. And looking at the comments below, you can also see that their spectrum is quite wide. Their titles focus on performance but they have a lot of easy-listening songs that are part of their b-side tracks. It’s not like they are unable to do easy-listening songs

3. [+33, -3]

This is why I don’t get people who are so hard bent on claiming Stray Kids’ music is loud. If you have tried downloading their albums, you’ll realize that they have a lot of softer songs and every time they release something, I always listen to every song in the album 

4. [+31, -4]

Try listening to Stray Kids’ entire discography, it’s so diversified

5. [+30, -3]

Whenever Stray Kids releases an album, I always listen to the entire list. Seriously their spectrum is so wide and they’re so busy, so I wonder how they can even compose so many songs in their album. Their colors are also well-defined. Aren’t those kids geniuses? Each member is not limited to being good at singing, dancing, and rapping, but all members are good vocalists and have unique voices, so the songs are delicious. The album’s completion is also high and especially this latest album, it shocked me that they went for rock 

6. [+15, -0

ATEEZ’s Bouncy is so good 

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