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Ha Jiwon’s painting sold for around 5 million won

Actress Ha Jiwon, who has been drawing as a hobby for the past five years, unveiled her work through the group exhibition ‘Foolish Haeng (行)’. Ha Jiwon submitted three pieces from the ‘Super Cow’ series of abstract paintings that expressed the characteristics of cows with colorful colors and lines. One out of three works has not been sold, and the specific price has not been disclosed, but it is said to be around 5 million won.

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1. [+193, -2]

Modern art VS 4 years old drawing 

1. 4 y’o

2. Modern art

3. 4 y’o

4. 4y’o 

5. Modern art 

6. Modern art 

7. 4 y’o 

8. 4 y’o 

9. y’o 

10. Modern art

11. 4 ‘yo 

2. [+181, -0]

Wow if she sells that 1 piece of art, she can cover my university tuition fee for a year ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+173, -25]

Drawing aside, the person who draws it also has name value, so they’ll decide based on that 

4. [+158, -1]

If she sold 2 already, she already as 10M won (7.6K USD)

5. [+138, -9]

There are also people who draw few lines like that and called it art, and sold it for thousands of wons… And the person’s name value also goes into it, it is what it is 

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