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Personally, I liked this concept a lot so my expectations were high but even so, they exceeded my high expectations and the quality of the song is just as good

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1. [+158, -21]

It doesn’t sound like a song that was made for TikTok challenges so I like it a lot. Even the side tracks are high quality. Crazy, I like everything

2. [+125, -14]

Ah it was seriously perfect…. It was the epitome of red + velvet. Especially the bleak + upbeat + carol vibes. It’s perfect for a year end song. Ah it was seriously good

3. [+110, -12]

I understand why Joy said that this song wasn’t vlvet but red velvet

4. [+88, -9]

Aside from the chorus, it was all velvet but I liked how as soon as the chorus kicked in, it got cheerful. It was exactly a red velvet vibeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the “what a chill kill~~” part was freaking good. I’m replaying the song just because of that part

5. [+87, -11]

It was different from what I expected but I like that… but I’m listening to their side tracks now and Knock Knock was crazy

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