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It’s currently unclear whether BP will renew with YG or not and to be honest, it’s true that their other male idols can’t even compare to YG when they were in their A-list era. And in all of this, they have this Baemon situation?

They are not just launching a girl group. From YG’s perspective, it’s the fate of the company, the one chance at life or death, and the future of YG itself.

But the kid at the utmost center of the group is leaving?

They honestly cannot escape failure

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1. [+64, 0]

It’s not that Ahyeon alone has this much impact but that YG just looks f*cking powerless seeing how even the sole Korean member they were pushing so much left and how they are unable to manage their own groupㅋㅋ They already failed at keeping ahold of BP and now are in a life-or-death situation with Baemon. And now they have a group full of foreigners? They will never be able to become A-listers

2. [+42, -7]

Honestly and bluntly speaking, aside from Ahyeon, everyone else is just so-so. Pharita is alright and Chiquita? Rora? always have posts about being highly anticipated but honestly speaking, they are all just so-so. I have nothing else to say…

3. [+36, -1]

To be honest, without Ahyeon, they will never be able to hit big

4. [+18, -1]

It’s like a BP without Jennie… the blow is even bigger

5. [+17, 0]

Even YG knows that they must make her debutㅋㅋ

6. [+14, 0]

For real, Ahyeon is just the identity and center of Baemon. And without her, the group just looks super ambiguous. Saying that YG would fail without her isn’t an over-exaggeration

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