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People say that her face looks weird after losing weight and that she looked better before but

She strangely looked tacky before. She looks way prettier now that she lost weight and is managing herself. I don’t know what’s pretty about Wendy before. She’s so pretty now that she makes me gasp. She also grabs more attention as a celebrity.

There are a lot of kids who look down on female idols who lose weight and who get their eyelids done but if you go on Insta, everyone is saying that she got prettier… people who are bringing up her recent photos are just purposely taking the weird ones

If you look at her in motion in Bambam or Jo Hyuna’s YT channels, you’ll see that she looks freaking pretty

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1. [+73, -6]

I think that she looked the prettiest when she just dieted and didn’t touch her face. She even popularized the ‘Wendy cut’

2. [+66, -2]

It’s really fascinating how much someone can change… seeing this makes me realize that Roh Jeongui didn’t “just” lose weight.. there’s definitely a way behind this

3. [+34, -2]

The fans get so triggered when Wendy’s plastic surgery gets mentioned. It’s true that she changed because she got sick

4. [+30, -1]

You really need to wear glasses if you don’t see what changed in her. It’s serious

5. [+24, 0]

But the issue is that her face is still continuing to change even now

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