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When Corona started, I was in my first year of high school and I watched Taemin on WGM and fell for him since then. Ever since then, I’ve been watching every one of his comeback and even listened to his side tracks a lot. I looked at every one of his album while listening to it and I can really feel the type of music that Taemin is seeking for. While watching his interviews, I can tell that he talks clearly and well. But there are a lot of bad talks about his album this time (backstory here) and it’s been bothering me.. I really think that his album concept this time is crazy and the aesthetics are so good.. Of course, I can understand that people look at it from different angles and can have different opinions about his album… but I’m worried about Taemin because a lot of people started to write hate comments towards him instead of his album.. I really hope that he doesn’t read the hate comments..

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1. [+114, -63]

He’s 30 but is still doing shota concept so he needs to get in his right mind

2. [+53, -32]

For real, I’m not a fan of Taemin but I like the unisex mood and minimal sexy genre that are unique to Taemin so I support him. The type of music he does is also distinctive and he’s always hard working and also seems to manage himself a lot so I hope things work out better for him

3. [+51, -21]

So the type of music and aesthetic that Taemin is seeking are panties?

4. [+34, -9]

Lee Taemin isn’t the type of kid who would be offended by the trolls’ comments like thatㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+32, -16]

I don’t think that he cares that much?

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