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“Stop pushing the fans like that…”

IU scolding the bodyguard for pushing the fans

IU told her bodyguard to stop pushing fans


BTS Jungkook helping the staff

NewJeans being restless because they wanted to help tidy up their space

While BoyNextDoor is just staring at the staffs tidy up their own seats and doing ntohing

NewJeans actually helped the staff clean their seats

Especially Hanni and Hyein, they got up right away

post response:


1. [+190, -5]

There’s a reason they’re flopping 

2. [+141, -3]

I don’t believe that this must mean they’re that way, but if little instances like that are added up this way, I can’t help but judge them 

3. [+88,- 2]

Huh? What’s up with their chairs f*ck?

4. [+78, -1]

When rookies act like that right from their debut, there’s definitely a higher chance for them to get into a controversy later

5. [+43, -1]

No but if you have received basic home education and that you have some level of common sense, of course you should help or at least stay away to not block the way for them? The fact that they’re just turning their backs like that is f*cking turning me off ㅋㅋ It’s like they’re asking them to do it as fast as they can because they want to sit back down so badly. The kids who are shielding this, I hope that in the future you get to experience tidying up someone else’s chairs while they just stand there, you’ll feel offended too.

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