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I don’t think that it’s so bad as to call them out for plagiarism but the MV director seems to have watched a lot of SM MVs. There are no scenes that are perfectly overlapping but there were a few scenes that automatically made me think of RV

2. [+32, -6]

Isn’t this plagiarism?

3. [+29, -2]

Seems like the MV director really likes SM

4. [+21, -2]

The cat isn’t “common”. There are not other groups aside from Fromis9 and RV who used cats symbolically this often. Also, filming in the wilderness might be “common” but having a big cat in the background in the wild with the members at the front? Who else did that aside from RV? If it’s not plagiarism, at least admit that they took some reference. I’m not trying to bash IVE but it’s because the fans are so sensitive that I point it out. Why can’t people differentiate between criticism and attack nowadays? I understand that people are very sensitive because idols get so much hate but it doesn’t need to be covered up blindly. Even when people talk about styling and say that B suits so and so better than A, it just means that they want the members to have B-style next time. There are kids who say this just out of inferiority complex but there are also kids who say it out of love. I’m not blaming the idols. I just want the company to pay more attention

5. [+19, -35]

Fromis9 also used that giant cat before and STAYC also wore that furry rabbit hat but with a different design. Also, are you joking with the scene where they are looking at the night sky + the shape of the moon? It’s such a common scene in the idol industry so why even bring that  up? Also, the scene with the foreign news isn’t from RV but aespa

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