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I also debuted at the young age of 19, and in an immature state, I only focused on achievements and fame, so I recently started reflecting and looking back to see if I had missed out on a lot of things around me. I still worry about how honest/transparent I can be with you, but because the Luvvies who have been there from then until now, and who have always looked after us, I have decided to be honest.

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1. [+49, -30]

You can straight up tell that Joy is a good person from this post alone, how many people will use circumstances like these to reflect back on themselves… Compared to that someone else, Joy has never had any bad rumors within the broadcasting space and it’s just a fact… To the people who are claiming that she’s writing this because she also power trips, I wonder what’s your IQ

2. [+47, -33]

Look at her reflecting on her own when she knows someone in her own group is receiving hate ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yah just think about this situation at school, you really think she’s kind? When some other kid is getting bashed on, the kids around looking at it will suddenly start pretending to be all nice

3. [+37, -5]

You guys are no different from 3 years ago sigh

4. [+33, -25]

Imagine how uncomfortable being in a team with someone like her 

5. [+30, -7]

Why are people seeing this as a diss? The members all ran to Bubble when the controversy broke out and Joy specifically said that the group will be coming back on that same day, she said “RV will be together” and people started swearing at her. She was just trying to appease the fans when there were rumors of withdrawal and the news were all bad about them… I don’t understand why you omitted everything else and only talked about this part

6. [+21, -26]

It’s indeed a bit weird to do something like that as a fellow member, but I don’t think she intended to diss her 

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