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Look at the TikTokers that BTS Jungkook liked and followed on TikTok.

Jungkook, have you given up on being an idol?

What is this? Why are you deleting your Instagram and doing this on TikTok?

Not long ago, you created an issue with a sasaeng meme.

Please pay more attention to your private life

Please listen to what your fans have to say!! Please

“Jungkook, you’re an idol. you’re dating, you’re getting tattoos, you’re smoking. You’re an adult so that’s why people don’t care but have you ever seen other male idols reveal their female friends like that? No, there’s none. Not beause you’re an idol, but because you’re a celebrity, so isn’t it obvious? So why do you do it? Celebrities’ image is so important. I’m not saying to not do anything, but please think about how your image will turn out before acting (It’s ok if you like funny video or Bbangddeok videos or follow them, but not if you leave comment on Misunjjang (influencer)’s videos or follow her) If you like Misunjjang, please hide your follow or likes at least”

post response:


1. [+197, -9]

Don’t you know how many fanarts and cover videos he liked the entire day? Stop your bullsh*t

2. [+195, -13]

He actually liked so many fan videos because they’re challenges. You must’ve really been starving for controversies

3. [+189, -10]

Those are all Youtubers and TikTokers with over 1M followers, they’re the ones who did the challenges and covered his song and it became a buzz. He can’t even DM these people? Go eat that lawsuit

4. [+186, -10]

Gallery grandmas, you guys spend 365 days bashing on someone creating rumors and s*xual remarks and now you’re going as far as looping commoners into this tsk tsk 

5. [+77, -4]

Cut it down! Why don’t you show this too? There’s a gradnpa who participated in the 3D challenge and wrote “Sorry Jungkook, I can’t pull it off even though I’ve practiced a lot” and Jungkook left a comment saying “exhilarating!!”

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