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It’s a perfume based off the scent of his birth flower and containing 24K gold in it

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1. [+153, -1]

I’ve heard that the market price for perfume with 24K gold is around 250-300K won (~200-230$)

2. [+121, -0]

I feel like to pull off a tribute, you need both money and sincerity, and he has both 

3. [+100, -0]

ㅠ.ㅠ I’m so jealous 

4. [+86, -0]

Wow amazing 

5. [+76, -0]

The perfume is daebak, but I was even more jealous when I saw this!! He gave a handwritten letter to the fans who’ve been waiting for his solo all this time..He has a JK sticker on all those envelops, you can tell he was meticulous  

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