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On November 28, the idol was spotted cheering on Lee Kang In as his side, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) took on Premier League side Newcastle United FC in the Champions League.

The latest sighting of the couple is just another one in a string of public appearances since July, when dating allegations were first brought up. Neither Lisa or her rumored partner has officially confirmed the relationship.

Meanwhile, PSG produced a draw against Newcastle. The draw places the Parisians second in their group table behind Borussia Dortmund, while Newcastle currently places third in the group.

CR: Koreaboo

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1. [+36, -3]

She went to see the match with the Walking Dead actor~ her connections are daebak

2. [+30, -2]

Oh my, crazy. The Getty Images are totally a photoshoot

3. [+29, -1] 

How small is her face? Seems like she got a bit of weight on. Or not?

4. [+29, -77]

Just how much did she flirt to be dating a rich man?… impressive.. to be honest, the two of them look like they are from different classes

5. [+28, -2]

She just went to watch a match so why are people saying how she’s better off leaving the group? ㅋㅋ are you guys mentally ill?

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