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I was watching her on TMA stage yesterday and Liz was so pretty

I don’t use Twitter but I went there to look at Liz’s photos

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1. [+70, -22]
Even with her weight loss, she still can’t go back to her debut looks 
2. [+43, -2]
But it was because Eleven was their debut stage that she went so hard on dieting
Right now, she’s working so hard to manage herself, but she really went all out for Eleven
3. [+43, -40]
She needs to lose more weight, seriously, I wondered if she would lose for her I AM promotions, but now I’m wondering if she’ll ever lose weight 
4. [+30, -5]
She already looks like she lost as much as her Eleven days, but why does she not remind me of back then? She used to be so charmingly pretty, what a shame
5. [+19 ,-6]
People were talking about how she lost weight and bounced back but this post was a lie 

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