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Compose Coffee, a low-priced coffee brand, has selected BTS’s V as its new model and is working to increase brand awareness. In particular, as BTS is a world-famous group, Compose Coffee’s overseas expansion is expected to accelerate.

According to the industry on the 20th, Compose Coffee signed a modeling contract with BTS’s V. V’s posters are scheduled to be displayed at Compose Coffee stores across the country as early as this month. Starting next January, TV commercials filmed with V will also be broadcasted.

Compose Coffee plans to expand its overseas business with a new model. Compose Coffee also began expanding overseas by opening its first store in Singapore last September. Since this is the first overseas store, they plan to monitor marketability and then decide whether to expand the store.


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1. [+159, -14]

Please plaster V everywhere store owners!!

2. [+146, -10]

Compose fighting! Let’s go!

3. [+144 ,-9]

Daebak, V is such a good model. I can smell the coffee just from the ad, I’m looking forward to the TV commercial

4. [+126, -9]

Gasp, this is f*cking cool. The synergy with V as a model is no joke

5. [+124, -5]

Compose’s coffee tastes fine, but their waffle is delicious 

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