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1. You can’t bash Wendy’s vocals at all. Power vocals Wendy can increase the quality of every song

2. The harmony in their voices was the best when they sang together

3. The adlibs and back-chorus here and there were blissful

4. My ears melted at Seulgi’s adlibs

5. Irene’s vocal were pretty good

6. The standard side track Oh Boy made its’ appearance

7. Ha f*ck, my ears were purified by Wendy’s ‘shine on me’ part in Happiness, for real

8. Joy is a voice color queen

9. We need to get rid of everyone who doesn’t know about ‘You Better Know’. The lyrics are pretty too

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1. [+135, -14]

You can trust in listening to Wendy and Seulg. And Irene’s voice color was prettier and her singing were better than I thought so I was shocked. She didn’t slack off while singing either but sang well

2. [+110, -20]

Wendy and Seulgi were seriously good and Irene also shocked me with her pretty voice color

3. [+109, -14]

I knew that Joy’s voice color was pretty but I found that her high notes got sturdier. I was at ease listening to her

4. [+96, -12]

Joy’s voice was so clear, she sounded like a nightingale

5. [+86, -5]

Seriously, as soon as “oh boy” came in, I got goosebumps

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