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I thought that she was gonna be calm but her personality is pretty cute

She was super excited when she learned that they were going to Thailand

If the members give her good reactions, she gets hyped up and makes jokes all day

When she sees the members doing something, she just imitate them in her corner

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1. [+62, -2]

The way she acts all cuddly around unnies who are smaller than her is freaking cute

2. [+41, -2]

Her habit of copying others is freaking cute

3. [+40, -2]

I also thought that she was gonna be cold at first but she was a reversal

4. [+29, -2]

Ahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the last gif is too cute

5. [+28, -2]

That’s what I’ve been sayingㅋㅋ her personality is cute

6. [+!8, 0]

Her mouth shape when she smiles is so pretty

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