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t/n: She’s a national fencer with a lot of controversial events surrounding her.

TLDR: she got disqualified from the Olympics due to plastic surgery. She married another man and raised a daughter who is now 11 years old, last August, she decided to divorce him. Recently, she announced that she’s marrying a chaebol 15 years younger than her. There are also rumors that the chaebol is actually a woman, not a man

Olympic fencing gold medalist Nam Hyunhee is about to remarry with third-generation chaebol Jeon Cheongjo. On the 23rd, Nam Hyunhee and Jeon Cheongjo announced their marriage through a joint interview with Women’s Chosun…

She announced her marriage 2 months after announcing her divorce… Did she cheat… Nam Hyunhee is 42 years old, and her husband-to-be is 27 years old, meanwhile Nam Hyunhee’s daughter 11 years old

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There’s a comment from Youtube that said they were a classmate from Jeon Cheongjo that claims that she didn’t even study in the US and she is from Ganghwa Island and did Taekwondo instead of horseback riding in Incheon (t/n: “she” is rumored to have studied horseback riding when she was younger). And that’s actually a woman who served in jail because she scammed people… And if you look at her interviews, the way she talks about her current company is way too detailed and there are just so many strange things about her. I hope Nam Hyunhee-ssi doesn’t get blinded by the lovey dovey phase and pays more attention to getting to know her and doesn’t regret this… 

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No.. But anyone can tell that that’s a woman??? Even from the way she rolls forward, that’s clearly a woman… What is this? That’s her picture with her husband??

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That groom-to-be looks like a middle schooler… And I thought he was a woman with a short cut at first;; 

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Why does he look… Like a scammer?

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The man is 26 y’o, it makes no sense that he’s already a CEO in a company, and anyone can tell that this is actually a woman so what is happening hereㅋㅋㅋ Nam Hyunhee isn’t someone tall like Kim Yeonkoung either, she’s actually 1m55, so “he’s” the same height as other womenㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know anything about sports, but how can someone who played nationally, participated in the Olympics, and won several medals have such poor judgment? ㅋ She divorced in August, and now she announced her 2nd marriage only 2 months later.. This just shows she has 0 judgment even though I’m trying to understand that your sexual identity might be discovered at a later age… This should at least take 2 years

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