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Lee Sora was thanking Lee Hyori for coming on her show and that’ how Lee Hyori responded, what do you think?

Sora who requested (Lee Hyori) to appear on ‘Super Market Sora’

“Actually, it wouldn’t even be weird if you didn’t come on the show”

“If you told me ‘unnie, I can’t make it to that schedule'”

“I really hate it when the host directly contacts me to cast me”

“Because even if I wanted to turn it down, I can’t”

“I think that the right thing to do is to cast me through my company”

“Then I would’ve turned it down”

post response:


Her personality is weird… She seems to be really full of herself

2. [+129, -1]

Why would she say that mid-filming? I can understand what she meant but she should’ve told her personally after the filming.. so hurtful

3. [+125, -2]

She’s always been rude… She’s acting this way towards Um Junghwa and Kim Wansun as well… it’s because Lee Hyori has a cult following worshiping her like a god that it’s all been buried..

4. [+118, -1]

I f*cking hate people who act all pleasant while saying something hurtful to others like it’s no big dealㅋ

5. [+110, 0]

I wonder what’s the reason for her to say such things in this fashionㅋㅋㅋ

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