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“OP: Is power tripping a tradition among female idols in that company..?
I think that something is gonna blow up again


– (OP) I wasn’t the victim but I saw it on site

Stop making a sanctuary for your female idols… You’re just killing the staffs

> Who is it?

>> (OP) You won’t believe me anyways. I’m sad that she has so many fans

> How did she power trip?

>> (OP) She was being rude to the staffs older than her because she wasn’t satisfied with the lighting on the filming set. and throwing the makeup because she didn’t like it must be the basics”

“I went to the hair salon of the make-up store I’ve always wanted to go to in Korea, and I was so excited to see the idols in front of me, but they really didn’t seem to get along with each other, and my time didn’t start until they were done getting ready, which really irritated me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was a rather big fan of hers, and she was complaining saying “this isn’t it~””

The Japanese post was made on 11/30 and was later deleted

It went viral on Twitter among Japanese people 

The first pic too, the idol was throwing makeup and was throwing a fit but I didn’t believe it and thought it was just face. But it’s hilarious how SM has set a precedent like this… Imagine how bad the recording was that she just admitted to it right away and apologized

post response:


1. [+88, -10]

These posts that are pretending to have some hidden meaning are written every day on Pann and Twitter multiple times…ㅋㅋ But not once have they even turned out true and they were all fake

2. [+79, -2]

Doing this annoys me the most. At least give us the namesㅋㅋ it will just make innocent people get hate and I hope that they realize that they became assailants to other people if they do this

3. [+78, -25]

There’s already one person who got exposed for power trip so do you really think that they’d be throwing makeup in front of everyone?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ to be honest, these feel f*cking fake

4. [+65, 0]

I can also write something ambiguous like this. They wrote it without any names and so ambiguously, so what do they want us to do with this information?

5. [+52, -16]

They saw one person who hit rock bottom directly so I think that they would at least act fake if anything. These are probably fake

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