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I wanted to enter the fandom because I found SungSho and Wonbin freaking likable 

But because of that Seunghan f*cker, I couldn’t do it

But I realized that the public opinion about Sohee has greatly improved lately

Do you know why is that? 

Is it because that Seunghan f*cker is the lowest of trash that in comparison Sohee looks better?

Or is it because you’ve tried stanning the gorup and realized that he was actually nice? 

I’m f*cking curious 

Is it because he doesn’t act like a Hannam at all?

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1. [+253, -13]

If you look at the comments about him, you can see that he is a talented member ╋ easy-going personality ╋ members like him ╋ Seunghan’s controversy bursting caused a comparison effect that swayed the public’s opinion which isn’t something to disregard either 

2. [+236, -89]

Ah but BRIIZE are truly kind.. If you look at his face alone, he looks like a cavity and I won’t be able to bring myself to stan him ㅠ I can’t help but I’m an eolbba (t/n: only stan someone for their visuals)… I wanted to stan because of Sungchan and Wonbin but this is hard ㅋㅋ

3. [+225, -7]

The comparison effect that OP mentioned is kinda true to some extent ㅋㅋ

4. [+185, -26]

Me too I looked at his past and I thought that I didn’t want to stan him because he might receive too much hate, but after watching him in their content, I realized that he doesn’t really say unnecessary things when he doesn’t have to and he’s actually quite the reserved type. He looks like he has quick wit and he also has good tact. Maybe because they shot those before his controversy broke.. But he seems hardworking and he’s above average. And unlike Seunghan, he doesn’t have more controversies that keep on piling up… And I feel like without him, their singing quality would drop 

5. [+130, -44]

He never really mentioned anything about his past and if you watch him on his content, he looks like he’s actually quite calm and serious, he treats the other members well and he can read the room,. He seems like the type who knows what his members like and dislike. He never acted unmannerly towards his hyungs and he takes care of the dongsaengs too. He has good singing skills and he seems hardworking in other areas too. You can’t really find anything to hate on him for and he’s the type that’s a slow burner the more you find about it. 

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