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Hello, I’m a high school classmate of Seunghan, who is active in a group called Rise.

I am writing this with a sad heart because I recently came across an article that had no basis and was written solely to slander Seunghan.

In the open chat room, along with a photo of Seunghan doing an Instagram live, there was a comment saying that even after his debut, he secretly did an Instagram live with his girlfriend, but this has absolutely no basis.

Firstly, I watched the live broadcast at the time, and the person who broadcasted with him was not his girlfriend, but Seunghan’s acquaintances. Second, the Instagram broadcast was done last year, before his debut.

Seunghan is a really kind kid, has a good personality, and is passionate about everything. I’ve been watching him from the side, and he worked extremely hard to eventually achieve his dream. I would appreciate it if you could look kindly on Seunghan and support him, who is currently working hard and doing his best. Thank you for reading this long post. I’m uploading a mirror selfie we took together. The heart emoticon shows my faceㅠㅠㅠ Please understand if it’s hard to read.

+ I’m not an SM employee, I’m indeed his acquaintance, I’ll add another cute photo of Seunghanie

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1. [+104, -15]

While there’s you writing this kind of post, there’s also his motel kiss photo and selcas all around already, I don’t pity him at all 

2. [+90, -15]

Ugh the fact that you’re all over some Hannam who brings underage girls at the motel is more disgusting.. 

3. [+87, -34]

SM employee, screw off

4. [+69, -47]

I know this sounds random, but he looks f*cking hot in those photos

5. [+65, -13]

But it was also confirmed that he went to the motel after he debuted, the fact that you’re still fangirling on him is impressive

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