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She finally posted the pictures she took at the Art + Film LACMA gala! The soft and pure puppy becomes a cool Chaengie at work.

I’ve never found the Saint-Laurent eyewear pretty but it’s fascinating that she pulled it off. That’s Rose’s magic for making everything she wears look pretty…

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1. [+37, 03]

The representation of ‘Saint-Laurent’….

2. [+33, -3]

She’s the one-top when it comes to slender having a slender body

3. [+21, -2]

Pretty pretty

4. [+21, -3]

The length of her legs is crazy

5. [+21, -2]

She hasn’t posted a lot of official even photos this year so I was feeling like it was missing something but I feel so refreshed seeing Rose post all these picturesㅋㅋㅋ she’s pretty and can pull off anything she wears

6. [+13, -3]

People can’t hate her for anything so they are just bringing up her colored hair day and night

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